Below are the original Castaways recordings which started Unit Radio back in 2008, and a new short we have made this year in 2018 to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Castaways! (Part 1)

On the 25th April 2008, a passenger plane crash-landed in the Pacific Ocean. All the crew and passengers were thought lost, but miraculously 9 children survived and have become castaways on an uninhabited island. After sheltering from a typhoon, the group are now quickly running out of food and face a difficult choice: to stay and wait to be rescued or to cross the hazardous mountain range…



Castaways! (Part 2)

The children are still trapped on the island… After watching their food supply gradually dwindle, our castaways have made the brave decision to cross the mountain range! They are taking a big risk, not knowing what they will find on the other side or whether they will even survive the crossing…



Castaways! (10 years later)

In tribute to the first ever Unit Radio play, the current Unit Radio line-up revisit Castaways 10 years after the original hit the airwaves… On a long flight to Terminal 7 at an airport in Australia, a passenger airline pilot has a little accident with his tea… What could possibly go wrong?