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Listen to  Episode 12 “Daisy’s Last Dance”


daisys last danceDaisy’s Last Dance: After Michael and his new scientific friend, Dave, decide that Daisy would be a perfect guinea pig, she is forced to retaliate. Unfortunately, the consequences of her actions are harsh, but there maybe someone who can come to her aid..




Listen to  Episode 11 “Daisy’s Halloween”


Daisy's Halloween Poster

Daisy’s Halloween: After Daisy begrudgingly carves a Halloween pumpkin, it starts talking to her. When it sees its own grotesque reflection, it vows to take revenge.  A pumpkin’s revenge or pure coincidence, the next day, Daisy’s school day takes on strange and horrifying shape…




Listen to  Episode 10 “Daisy’s Farm”


DAISYS FARM POSTERDaisy’s Farm: Daisy inadvertently bites off more than she can chew when she attempts to buy some eggs for her mum.





Listen to  Episode 9 “Daisy’s Rage”


daisy's rage poster completeDaisy’s Rage: Daisy’s brother Michael invites her into his laboratory and talks her into testing his new invention, a Hydro Powered Super Computer also known as the “M1”. Once Daisy agrees to help her mind is downloaded and, through a rather complicated process, she becomes one with the planet, which can only end badly. Listen now to find out what happened…



Listen to  Episode 8 “Daisy’s Train”


DAISY TRAIN POSTERDaisy’s Train: This years Red Nose day saw the premier of Daisy’s Train. When Daisy gets a bump on the head, she finds herself in twisted railway adventure into the unknown. Who is driving the train? Where is it going? No one knows, but maybe she will find the answer in the Tunnel of opposites.



Listen to  Episode 7 “Daisy’s Christmas”


daisy's christmas poster

Daisy’s Christmas: The last day of term was a busy one, but there was plenty of Christmas cheer in the air as Unit Radio treated us to a special Christmas themed Daisy Play, live on stage. Don’t worry if you were laughing too hard and missed anything or you couldn’t make it along, because you can listen to the whole show here!


Listen to Episode 6 “Daisy’s Trial”


daisy trial poster colour2Daisy’s Trial: When no one wants to get up at 3am to celebrate Daisy’s birthday, she seeks solace in some comfort food from the fridge. However, comfort is anything but what she receives…




Listen to Episode 5 “Daisy’s Beanstalk”


daisy's beanstalk postergaryDaisy’s Beanstalk: When Daisy “Accidentally on Purpose” sells her brothers most prized possession, his telescope, on the Internet for some magic beans, she finds herself in the shadow of a GIANT BEANSTALK! Lets find out where it goes…


Listen to Episode 4 “Daisy’s 4 Seasons”


daisy's 4 seasons

Daisy’s 4 Seasons: Daisy’s Mum is hosting a tea party for some of her rather posh friends, the choice of music proves to be rather problematic, causing them to experience all 4 seasons in one day!




Listen to Episode 3 “Daisy’s UFO”


daisy's ufo poster

Daisy’s UFO: There are some unusual goings on in Daisy’s house when her brother Michael is abducted by aliens and Daisy’s mum is most upset when she misses the final of “Skating on Ice”…




Listen to Episode 2 “Daisy’s Flood”



Daisy’s Flood: Daisy gets a day off school due to an epic flood which has submerged most of the county in water. Where did it come from? Where will it go? Who is to blame???




Listen to Episode 1 “Daisy’s Ice Cream Day”



Daisy’s Ice Cream Day: When a lamb shank genie grants Daisy her wish for all the ice cream in the world, she soon realises it wasn’t such a smart idea after all…