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This adventure was, by far, the most demanding production we had ever attempted and, being over the moon with the results, we decided we should give it the broadcast it deserved – A World Premiere!

Now in the 81st century, we have come a long way since the early days of Unit radio in 2008. The boundless energy of our team of dedicated performers has given me a true incentive to carry on radio club. The idea of an outer space adventure was greeted with such enthusiasm that the club went from one lunchtime per week to every break and lunchtime for about two months.

Listen to “Stardusters”



The Stardusters stage show includes an entertaining cover of the well known karaoke song, “I Will Survive”. You can listen to it below along with a short spin off episode in which the ships communications officer has a little accident…

Listen to “I Will Survive”



Listen to “A Little Accident – CCG Story”



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