El Pescado

El Pescado is the new, unmissable stage show from the team that brought you Stardusters and The Scattered Path. Listen to the full show below!

el pescado press cutting

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Having explored time and space and the elven world in our previous stories, this time we find ourselves in the nineteenth century. Penniless English poet, Richard Everard Flounder from Shinbone Lane, Clackford is about to receive some news that will change his life forever. He has inherited a fortune in the form of an estate in Mexico. Following some motivational words from his coarse landlord, Richard uproots himself from his squalid existence in search of the romantic idyll as the new hacendado of the hacienda del sol. Richard is to come to realise, however, that real life and imagination are separated by truth and he has to face some serious moral dilemmas.

El Pescado is an original comedy play performed by students from the Unit Radio club in the Tydeman Centre at The Malling School, under the direction of teacher, Giles Whitehead. It was performed on stage at The Malling School on the Tuesday 9th July 2013.