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The first episode below “Larry Does Largos”, was the start of a very successful series of plays, in which Jonathan Beevis stared as the Larry. These plays describe Larry’s eventful adventures in his own words, often ending up in the weirdest of places.

Listen to Episode 1 “Larry Does Largos”


larry does largosLarry Does Largos: Larry looses himself within the many pages of a Largos catalogue. Along the way he meets a few unusual, yet strangely familiar characters and eventually manages to find a way back to reality.

Listen now to find out how!



Listen to Episode 2 “Larry Does Lescos”


larry does lescos

Larry Does Lescos: When Larry’s mum is kidnapped outside Lescos, Larry finds her purse on pavement and goes in on a shopping spree…






Listen to Episode 3 “Larry Does Larbucks”


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Larry Does Larbucks: When Larry’s mum takes Larry on a special treat to Larbucks coffee shop, Larry becomes desperate for the toilet, takes a wrong turn and ends up on a very surreal adventure…






Listen to Episode 4 “Larry’s Adventures in Lessington”



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Listen to Episode 5 “Larry goes to Lulworth and Lyme”


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Listen to Episode 6 “Larry Goes to the Library”


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Listen to Episode 7 “Larry Goes Lunderground”


larry goes lunderground






Listen to Bonus Track “The Lunderground Song”


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Listen to Episode 7.5 “Larry Goes to the Launderette”


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Listen to Episode 8 “Larry Gets Lost”


larry gets lost







Listen to Bonus Track “The L Factor”


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Listen to Episode 9 “Larry Does Lunch”


larry does lunch







Listen to Episode 10 “Larry Doesn’t go to Loolworths”


larry doesn't do looworths poster
When Larry goes to Loolworths to buy a light bulb for his mother, he discovers that it went into administration 10 years before…






Listen to Episode 11 “Larry Goes To  Lllanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”



When Larry’s father buys a colossal fish tank from a boot fair and puts it in Larry’s bedroom, the only place to sleep is in the fish tank…This all new episode of Larry sees Unit Radio legends, Jonathan Beevis and Joseph Lyall return to The Malling School for this special Open Evening recording.





Listen to Episode 12 “Larry Goes Lantartica”


larry lantarctic posterLarry’s parents are away and so he has the whole house to himself. Could it be time for a party? Or does he slip on a frozen broad bean and end up in a cold and baron wasteland – probably the latter.






Listen to Episode 13 “Larry Does Lebay”


LARR DOES LEBAYWhen Larry’s mother emigrates to Caracas and Larry’s stepfather is left unable to pay the bills, something has to be sold to ease the deficit . Larry’s stepfather has to choose between the Whale, the Polar Bear, the Jelly Babies or Larry.

Who will end up being sold on Lebay?





Listen to Episode 14 “Larry Does Lapple”


When Larry is abandoned by his mother in Luewater shopping centre, he comes across the opening of the newly refurbished Lapple store. Owing to an admin error and some pink elastic, Larry is propelled into the land of Lapple. There he meets numerous eccentric characters and is plunged into a variety of surreal and challenging situations – but how will he ever escape?




Listen to Episode 15 “Larry Does Lilverstone”


When Larry goes to fly his kite to escape his mother’s chair auction and the string gets caught in the rota blades of a helicopter, he ends at Lilverstone race track. One thing leads to another and Larry ends up in the L1 race with a grasshopper as a co-pilot.