Chalke and Cheese

chalke and cheese banner On Tuesday 1st July, The Malling School revved up its engines for an original seventies-style comedy stage show called Chalke and Cheese. The show centred around two undercover cops, Deborah Chalke and Angela Cheeseman (played by Beth Thomas and Helen Cornford), who each had their own distinctive style in upholding the law in the fictional, rural town of Larkford. Based loosely on the concept of Starsky and Hutch, the pair of detectives spent their days hunting down lost cats, tracking stolen marrows, kicking down doors and going to the hairdressers.

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All of this was under the watchful eye of their chief on the verge of a nervous breakdown superbly played by Bailey Abson. The love interest was provided by the wonderful Harry Green, who stole everyone’s hearts as John, Chalke’s admiring neighbour;  the pair performed a surreal dance sequence on top of a Ferris wheel, which was met with great appreciation from the audience.

With lots of laughs and memorable scenes, the show was received with tremendous applause. The atmosphere was wonderful, as friends, families, relatives and members of the local community came along to support students from the school.

The story and direction was by Tydeman Centre teacher, Giles Whitehead, and featured students from both the main school and the specialist centre for students with speech, language and communication difficulties.

2_652_s2_654_s2_655_sHead teacher, Carl Roberts, praised the efforts of the students and staff involved as well as thanking a local member of the community, Bob Medgett, who very kindly brought along his freshly polished 1978 Ford Capri to add an air of seventies authenticity to the event.

Unit Radio’s event of the year is its annual stage production. Entitled Chalke and Cheese, set to skid onto the stage on 1st July 2014.