The 2 Show – Season 5

Kelly HolmesListen to Episode 8 – Dame Kelly Holmes

Bailey and Tone travel to Café 1809 to interview legendary athlete and double gold Olympic medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes.


John DorneyListen to Episode 7 – John Dorney

Our presents travel to Epping at the north-eastern terminus of the Central Line in Greater London to talk to Doctor Who writer and actor John Dorney. John talks about his life growing up in Epping and his experiences of writing for some of the most iconic actors on the planet. There are also have a few glimpses of the legacy of Doctor Who in Epping along the way.


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Listen to Episode 6 – Chris Aldridge

Picture1On January 23rd, the crew visited the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London, where in the next instalment of The 2 Show they recorded an interview with Radio 4 news reader Chris Aldridge. Listeners may recognise Chris from his brief appearance in The 2 Show’s Christmas special. Presenters Tone and Connor had the privilege of sitting in the studio and holding their breath as Chris read the news live to the nation on Radio 4.

The team spoke to Chris about how he began his career in radio and what his role is in the BBC. Chris also talked about what it takes to become a news reader and how to get a programme broadcast on the BBC.

After the interview, Chris gave the crew a tour of the BBC News department including the news gathering area, which readers may be familiar with as being the back drop to the BBC television news broadcasts. The team were then taken to the studio of the popular radio four news ‘Today’ programme on Radio 4.

“Connor did a fantastic job and I am also proud of what we did today’, commented Tone.



Listen to Episode 5 – Dr Brian May Part 2

In part 2 the tables are turned and Tone and Bailey are put on the spot with some rather difficult questions. Brian also talks about his work in astrophysics and conservation.


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Listen to Episode 5 – Dr Brian May Part 1

On Tuesday 24th November, The 2 Show had the ultimate privilege of interviewing rock legend Dr Brian May, best known as the lead guitarist of Queen. The team, Tone and Bailey with Mr Whitehead, travelled to Surrey after school for their interview with Brian. Brian was very generous with his time, spending almost an hour with the team. After welcoming their guest, Tone asked Brian about how he felt after being awarded ‘Band of the Year Award’ at the Classic Rock “Roll of Honour Awards”. Brian went on to talk about performing live on top of Buckingham Palace. He also spoke movingly about the last song that Queen recorded with Freddie Mercury, ‘Mother Love’, before Freddie passed away. He explained that he had to complete the vocals himself.


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south pole telescopeListen to Episode 4 – Dr Tom Crawford

All the way from Texas in the USA via Skype, the Two Show team interview Dr Tom Crawford, an astrophysicist who has worked for over a decade in the Antarctic South Pole Station constructing a gigantic telescope.

The team asked him to talk about the science behind this mind blowing project as well as dispelling many Antarctic myths.
Tom’s tour of the South Pole Station:
Tom’s website:



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Listen to Episode 3Nick Baker 2 Show presenter Tone had the very exciting opportunity of interviewing wildlife television presenter Nick Baker, best known for hosting the BBC’s Really Wild Show, and more recently Springwatch and Autumnwatch Unsprung.

Tone caught up with Nick this summer in a quiet corner of the international Birdfair at Rutland Water. In a wide ranging and inspirational interview, Nick talks about his fascination with insects, his encounters with all types of wildlife and his ambition to cut an album with his band Skinny Dog.

Visit to find out where Nick has been this year.



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Listen to Episode 2
Pam Carter – In our second interview from the Isle of Skye, Tone travels to the southern part of the island to Sleat where he visits Scottish artist Pam Carter. Pam talks to Tone about her life and what inspires her to paint the highlands. You can view Pam’s artworks at















Listen to Episode 1
Dugald Ross – The 2 Show takes to the road for the start of an exciting fifth series, where presenter Tone journeys hundreds of miles north to Trotternish on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Here, in the Staffin Dinosaur Museum, Tone takes a walk though time in the company of dinosaur hunter Dugald Ross.

In a fascinating interview, Dugald talks to Tone about his life’s work – literally building his own museum that now houses his remarkable collection of dinosaur fossils and crofting artifacts.

Visit the Staffin Dinosaur Museum Facebook page for more details.