Sliding Daisys

Sliding Daisys














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This story involves Daisy being caught up in her brother Michael’s experiment to resurrect a dead squirrel and accidentally being split between two different time zones – one remaining in the present and one being in wartime Britain. The story switches between the different time periods and whilst Daisy’s actions in 1941 cause changes in the present our characters become caught up in the increasing confusion.

This feature length show was performed live on stage at The Malling School in July 2015. As always there was an overwhelming sense of excitement and support for the cast and crew of this latest stage show, their parents were beaming with pride throughout the evening.

All proceeds raised during the event go towards making the next Unit Radio stage show even bigger and better than the last, and every year the Unit Radio team do not disappoint.


SLDING DAISYS 10 SLDING DAISYS 6 SLDING DAISYS 2 SLDING DAISYS 1 Saffy Ivory as Doris Mr Barratt as Big Ben Martin Bunce as the spiv Luke Townsend as the train conductor Lee Paice as the Napoleon Hat Clock Josh Smith and Jack Heasman squabbling over horse mess Francesca Rennie as Daisy Connor Seales as Patrick Bailey Abson as Michael Alex Camp as Misplaced