Teddy’s Corner

Teddy’s Corner Programme 27 – Children in Need 2017

Today, Teddy, Eddy and Oliver bring you their programme from the desolate Kent coastal village of Reculver. Here, armed with only a collecting bucket and the last two ill-fitting last costumes from the costume shop, they brave the bitter cold to help raise money for Children in Need. Tune in to find out how they get along…



Teddy’s Corner Programme 26 – The Fellowship of the Ring Doughnut

When Eddy brings some fresh doughnuts into the studio, Teddy is bewitched. Grabbing the one ring doughnut from the box, he escapes into a mythical realm with Eddy and Donald Trump in hot pursuit. Will Eddy reach Teddy in time or will Donald Trump and his pack of Porks be victorious in obtaining the power of the one ring doughnut?




Teddy’s Corner Programme 25 – Miss Cann for President

teddys corner ep 25In this episode, Teddy’s concern about aggressive superpowers are discussed with guests old and new. Teddy himself comes up with a practical solution made from some tinfoil and a yoghurt pot and Miss Cann makes a bid for The White House… 



Teddy’s Corner Programme 24 – Reculver Part 2


The trip to Reculver comes to an exciting conclusion as Ken Bruce hosts the annual Reculver Marrow Rolling Competition. The proceedings are musically narrated by the legendary Reculvian Seafolk whilst some angry locals protest about the opening of a new fast food restaurant…


Teddy’s Corner Programme 23 – Reculver Part 1


Teddy, Eddy and the gang go to the coastal town of Reculver and encounter pirates, shark’s teeth, folk singers and a flock of hungry seagulls.


Teddy’s Corner Programme 22 – The Alternative Election Results 

vote teddyvote teddyThere is an atmosphere of tense excitement here in the black hole as the election results come in. Will Teddy become the new leader of our country?


Teddy’s Corner Programme 21 – Election Special from a Black Hole

IMG_2372IMG_2371Owing to the limited public outcry regarding the cancellation of Teddys Corner, Teddy returns where we left him, being sucked into a black hole whilst covering this election special.


Teddy’s Corner Programme 20 – The Malling School Space Programme


ESPACE PROGRAMME2ddy wants some peace and quiet so he comes up with a plan to send Teddy into Space. One problem – he doesn’t know how. The Teddy’s Corner team come up with a plan to persuade Mr Roberts (the head teacher) to invest in the school’s space programme. Will he agree to this unusual request? Will The Malling School become one of the first schools in history to have a space programme? Will Teddy be launched into the great infinite unknown? Find out in today’s thrilling final instalment of Teddy’s Corner.


Teddy’s Corner Programme 19 – Space – The Final Corner

SpongIn this programme, Eddy is in the Corner of space. But where is Teddy?

The clumsiest street performers in the world, Spong and Dong, are very persistent about obtaining his autograph…


Teddy’s Corner Programme 18 – Red Nose Day Special 

RED NOSE DAY PHOTOEddy is in a panic as he has misplaced his red nose. Teddy and Eddy must find it before the special Red Nose Day edition of Teddy’s Corner airs.

They set about phoning everyone in the telephone directory…


Teddy’s Corner Programme 17 – Wartime Radio Broadcast

teddy photo2teddy photo1teddy photo3

Today’s show takes a nostalgic trip down a somewhat surreal memory lane, along Teddy’s winding stream of consciousness. Featuring cake, King Tut, angry Vikings and Teddy’s wartime predecessor programme, Tibb’s Corner – Live from the Bunker…


Teddy’s Corner Programme 16 – Donald Trump

eddy on airTeddy and Oliver have an eventful episode featuring Batgirl, Donald Trump, Mr Puff Pastry and seasonal music from Texas Radio Fish.


Teddy’s Corner Programme 15 – At the Pet Shop

This week we are at the pet shop with our usual Teddy, Eddy chat including the joining of creative forces of Teddy and Miss Cann who have created an original song or ‘frap’ entitled ‘Pug Face.’

teddys corner1


Teddy’s Corner Programme 14 – Teddy and Eddy’s Corner

teddy and edddyToday’s programme features an interview with Batman, Mr Puff Pastry and a few words from Kamleish. Listen out for the secret audio…






Teddy’s Corner Programme 13 – Eddy’s Corner

eddies corner 2eddies corner

When Teddy doesn’t arrive for his own show, Eddy (Oliver Edwards) steps in for a very impromptu show…


Teddy’s Corner Programme 12 – Van der Graaf Generator
teddys corner science

This week, Teddy interviews science teacher, Mr Gibson where he finds out about volcanoes. He also volunteers himself and Miss Smith for a go on the Van der Graaf Generator.


Teddy’s Corner Programme 11

chewie1  mr cann smithdylan2

This week, Teddy talks to Tydeman centre teaching assistant Tracey Cann-Smith about pugs, penguins and Pokémon.


teddy siegeTeddy’s Corner Programme 10

When Teddy happens to glance over the River Medway towards Rochester Castle, a strange time shift occurs. This finds us, the listeners, and Ken Bruce in 1215 at a very famous siege.


20160704_171335Teddy’s Corner Programme 9

This week, Teddy’s Corner dynamic duo, Josh and Henry, interview former professional footballer Stuart Bell.


KMFM2 KMFM3Teddy’s Corner Programme 8 – KMFM Part 2

Teddy and the Unit radio team continue their tour of the KMFM studios where they find out about when and what music is played on air as well as recording their own advert.



kmfm1 kmfm2Teddy’s Corner Programme 7 – KMFM Part 1

This week, Teddy and the Unit Radio team head off to the KMFM studios in Chatham. There, presenters Steve Reed and Glen Scott provide them with an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Featuring music from Michael Mikey Brennan.


spoon piratesTeddy’s Corner Programme 6

Pirate Radio! Today, Teddy finds himself in the corner of a cabin on board a pirate ship. With his precious cargo of doughnuts, Teddy hides in fear as the callous crew try to gain entry. Featuring Henry, Tone, pirates, Thomas, more pirates, Ken Bruce and music from Mr Whitehead and Miss Pinnegar.


ROY APPSTeddy’s Corner Programme 5

This week, Teddy, Josh and Henry talk to Bafta award winning author Roy Apps. Find out more about Roy and his books at: www.royapps.co.uk



teddys corner4Teddy’s Corner Programme 4

In this programme, Teddy continues his journey in space. After narrowly evading a zombie apocalypse, he has a nice chat with Malling School science teacher, Mr Gibson.


TEDDY CORNER SPACETeddy’s Corner Programme 3

Whilst Teddy brings you the show from his camp fire in the corner of a sheep field, who knows what’s going on in the outer reaches of space. Prepare for some encounters of the 3rd kind…


teddys corner 2Teddy’s Corner Programme 2

This week, Teddy has been confined to the corner of a classroom owing to a detention for not doing his homework; so the special guests had to come to Teddy.

Today’s programme features an interview with the school football team, haikus, beatboxing, a joke, some secret audio as well as Teddy’s charming commentary and insightful comments on life and relatives.


TEDDYS CORNER POSTERTeddy’s Corner Programme 1

Teddy, one of our youngest members of Unit Radio hosts his own show – Teddy’s Corner.

Coming from a different corner each week, Teddy Bird offers warm conversation and a collage of inventive content.

This programme features a trip to the Gallagher Stadium in Maidstone where Josh and Henry talk to Maidstone United Manager, Jay Saunders.